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Next Generation
Online Shopping


eCommerce revolution is here.
Adeo PWA will take you to the next level.
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Reliable and consistent

Reliability and functionality of a native mobile app, brought to your eCommerce web store. Consistent and seamless shopping experience with offline access, periodic sync and push notifications.

  • Accessible offline
  • Periodic background sync
  • 74% more time spent per session

Lightning fast

More than half of all users abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Progressive Web App is faster, lighter and better performing than any regular app or website.


  • 80% faster load time
  • 2x more pages visited
  • 180x smaller than iOS app

Immersive engagement

Installed on user’s mobile home screen, visible every time the phone is unlocked. Once opened, PWA offers an immersive full screen experience. When closed, PWA offers re-engagement with push notifications.


  • 104% increased conversion rate
  • 80% lower bounce rate
  • 250% increased re-engagement with push notifications
key features

Built with:

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Universally applicable

Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and web browsers. 
One PWA to rule them all. 

PWA’s give your eCommerce store everything it needs to provide a fast, easy and efficient mobile shopping experience without the expense and complication of developing a native app store-type app. Plus, the PWA does not need to be built separately for each operating system or browser. It works with everything.

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